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Distillery Heater

Distillery Heater Basic Model


-240v 5500w ripple incoloy heating element

-Includes 12 Guage 6ft Power Cord with 3" ROJ


Distillery Heater Basic





 Distillery Heater Digital Model

-240v 5500w ripple incoloy heating element

-Custom Nema 4 housing with built in electronic thermostat -Range 0- 250*F

-Teflon coated 10ft thermostat probe can be submerged at any location in tank


Distillery Heater Digital


All models include-

12 Guage 6ft Power Cord with 3" ROJ

Nema Housing

Waterproof hayco cordgrip


All parts are UL listed


Handcrafted in Kansas City, Mo USA

(Custom Designs are available)


Call for any questions ask for Matt


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