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Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

 Please email all heater specifications to and we will quote ASAP, We have fast delivery times some as little as two weeks 



Industrial Electric Heating Corporation manufactures Standard and Custom Electric Heaters using a variety of element sheath materials, flange types, screw plugs, terminal enclosures, etc.


Heaters Uses Include... Air Heaters Biodiesel Heaters Chemical Heaters Cooking Oil Heaters Fuel Oil Heaters Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters Hydraulic Heaters Lube Oil Heaters Parts Cleaning Heaters Water Heaters Clean Water Heaters Deionized Water Heaters Process Water Heaters


Heaters to Heat... Acid Solutions Adhesives Antifreeze Anodizing Equipment Asphalt Biodiesel Bunker Oil Caustic Solutions Chemicals Clean Water Degreasing Solutions Deionized Water Detergent Ethylene Glycol Freeze Protection Fuel Oils Heat Transfer Fluids Hydraulic Oil Liquid Mixtures Lube Oil Oils Paint Petroleum Products Pitch Plastics Potable Water Process Water Saline Solutions Salt Baths Steam Steam Generation Vapors Tar Textiles Wax Water Purification Water Solutions.


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