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Electroplating Heaters


IEHS inc. offers a wide varity of heating elements and controlers

please click on the links below to purchase Heating elements for Caswell Plating Kits


Ideal for anodizing and small plating lines 5-20 gallons 

Overall Length: 12.5 " (8" Hot Zone )  

Built In Thermostat 80f - 212f


Input Voltage:120VAC

Suitable for all plating solutions, anodize sealer dyes etc. 

 Includes side mounting bracket for 5 gal bucket 

Warning: keep heating element submerged at all times!



 5 Gallon Heaters for Caswell Plating Kits


* Free Shipping To USA customers only *

please call before ordering if outside of the USA !!!!!


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 2 Gallon Heaters for Caswell Kits


 120v 1100watt stainless steel L shape to fit 2 gallon buckets 

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