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Over the Side Immersion Heaters

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Industrial Electric Heating  Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed for applications where thru-the-side immersion heaters cannot be conveniently installed.


These units are inserted through the top of the tank or drum with the heating elements along the bottom or side of the reservoir.


Over-the-side Immersion Heaters are portable and can be installed and removed with ease.


Over-the-Side Heater Specifications:


Wattage: 3 to 40 kilowatts Voltage:


Up to 600 volts, Single or 3 phase


Heating  Element Sheath Material Options, Terminal Enclosures, Temperature Controls, Flanged Over-the-Side Heaters Heater & Element Supports. IEHS over 55 years in the buisness of  manufacturing Electric Process Heaters and components for industry. 



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