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Anodizing Aluminum


Over the Side Heating Element 24" deep 


some of our customers have been requesting an L shape heater with a longer cold zone 

so here it is 24" overall length from edge of tank to bottom comes with 1.5" mounting clip with holes for screwing into edge of tank. Material is Stainless Steel  Includes built in thermostat 

and 6ft power cord please allow 3-5 days for shipping from time of purchase as these heaters take longer to custom build. you can also shorten the height from 24" all they way down to 6" 

please call for this as it will take extra build time 913-999-4801  thank you 


 Part # DTL-2000

120v 2000watt w/ thermostat and flat clip


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Titanium Cooling Coils


10ft grade 1 titanium 3/8" dia. tubing coiled to 11" OAD

for use with glycol cooling systems.


Call for info 1-816-587-2161





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Ideal for heating Dyes for anodizing 

Heating Element Material : zinc plated copper

1500watts 120v with built in thermostat 50-212 F


Quantity Options for Anodizing Heater Ph-1500

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